New Puppy Package

New Puppy Package


6 Sessions, 1 hour each  (save $100)

Getting a puppy is a joyful and exciting time in every dog owner's life. It's also your opportunity to give your dog the foundation it needs to enjoy a stable life, free of issues like aggression towards people and dogs, separation anxiety, and destructiveness.  Each session will build on the progress your dog is making, allowing you to shape your puppy's behaviour to ensure a balanced dog. Fundamental skills your puppy will work on include housebreaking, chewing and mouthing inhibition, properly greeting humans and dogs, walking calmly on leash, not eating everything they see, and creating a calm state surrounding food and treats. 

Sessions are 1 hour each. The puppy package will work with you and your new puppy to guide it into a lifetime of calm and positive behaviour. 

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