Good Dog for the Holidays - Special Offer!

Good Dog for the Holidays - Special Offer!


This special dog training package is designed to solve leash pulling, leash reactivity, barking, lunging, incessant barking, indoor destructiveness, and more. Mark Elliott will make sure you  have the tools and knowledge you need to shape your dog's behaviour into that of a model dog's, with the benefit of extra support and access to Mark if you need it!

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  1. A 20 minute phone consultation with Mark Elliott
  2. A 90 minute in-person private training session
  3. A follow-up phone consultation with Mark to discuss your dog's progress, and receive further advice and recommendations
  4. Access to Mark's private online clients-only group for ongoing support and advice

    Sessions take place within the GTA
    To contact Mark before you book your session, click

* offer not applicable to aggressive dogs

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