Nikki & Hero, Toronto

 "My dog hero is a rescue who came to me with a lot of issues - severe aggression towards people, bikes, vehicles and other dogs.  I told myself that my dog would be happier on a farm, or with a more experienced owner. Then we found Mark. In just two hours, Mark was able to turn my dog into one I could manage.  I went from being ready to give up to now, two years later, enjoying the strongest of bonds with a dog I wouldn't trade for the world! My dog continues to teach me so much about love and being a better, stronger, more consistent person, and I would have missed out on all of that had I not discovered Mark the Dog Dude.  Mark Elliott is the reason we prevailed over even the most extreme issues. I'm excited to keep working with Mark and my dog, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone - but ESPECIALLY to the most despairing, hopeless dog owners who think they've tried everything. You haven't tried everything until you've worked with Mark". - Nikki, Toronto

 Mercedes the Labradoodle and her owner, Bev

Mercedes the Labradoodle and her owner, Bev

Mercedes, Bev & Brian, Toronto

"Hello Mark

Thank you again for helping us with our Labradoodle, Mercedes. She walks even better than she did and is very good about waiting for us to go up and down stairs and through thresholds. We appreciate you modelling how to take the lead and communicate effectively her. We just came back from her volunteer therapy dog duties and I’m happy to report that she was delightful! I have recommended you to several people.
Thanks again for all your help, 
Bev and Brian"


Tam, Toronto

"Mark has been my 'dog guy' for fifteen years. I have relied on his helpful training sessions to enhance my relationship with each and every one of my dogs, and Mark has been an essential ingredient to a calm ad happy household! He even helped support the integration of my two human babies! Mark is our dog walker and dog sitter. He is also my 'personal trainer' - the key to my understanding of my dogs and to supporting a positive household dynamic." - Tam, Rosedale



"Mark has been nothing but relentlessly supportive and encouraging of the dogs in our rescue, Redemption Paws. He's worked with almost a dozen of our rescue dogs on basic training or larger issues. He's a straight shooter with our team and adopters. Mark aims to get results and does not disappoint anyone- especially not the dogs." - Nicole Simone

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"We had Mark work with our Rat Terrier Stella and we're so thankful for the guidance that he was able to provide. We learned so much about the importance of being a leader when going for a simple walk, and how that lays the foundation for our dog's confidence and by extension her behaviour. Being able to help Stella walk with us, with conifdence has completely changed the way she approaches other animals while we're out and about, and has relieved stress for all of us. Mark was kind, compassionate, and so incredibly knowledgeable about dog behaviour and we're so thankful that he was able to give us and Stella the tools to be more calm, cool and collected."

- Carrie, Erik & Stella, Toronto



We would highly recommend The Dog Dude!! We  adopted a rescue pup at 10 months old who needed some serious rules and boundaries and we could not have done it without Mark. He offered and continues to offer so much support after the sessions whenever we've needed it. He’s a fantastic trainer and all around great guy!