Twenty- Five Years of Experience, One Trainer


Most dog lovers
will tell you

that they always knew they wanted to work with dogs, and I am no different. In 1992, I made a conscious decision to turn my love of dogs into my career. I began by working with groomers and at animal clinics in Toronto, where I had the opportunity to begin consistently observing canine behaviour. Soon, I started pet-sitting, and not long after that, dog walking in Toronto, as well.  

I started small, taking out groups of up to three dogs at a time. That number quickly grew to six, I soon found myself easily controlling large groups of dogs on and off leash, all of whom followed my lead in a unified state of calm.

While it may seem unorthodox these days to walk with so many dogs, at the start of my career, many people would stop to ask me how I managed to keep control of so many animals. My mind would always go back to one particular interaction I've witnessed many times - the ability of a small 15 pound dog to take a stick away from a 100 pound large breed without any aggression occurring between the dogs.  I marvelled at how two instinct-driven animals could come to such a peaceful agreement without the use of words, and I began closely studying the ways that dogs interacted with each other to communicate their wants and needs. 

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This idea - that there is so much communication that we humans are missing out on from our dogs, and vice versa -  has since become the basis of my approach to dog training. When I work with people, my goal is always to bridge that gap in communication between dogs and their owners.  I will show you how to use energy, intention, body language, and tones (verbal language) to communicate clearly with you dog(s) and achieve the positive results you've been hoping for when face with behavioural problems in your dogs.  When you follow my dog training techniques, which are designed to establish you as a leader without using intimidation, I guarantee that you'll be amazed at the improvements in your dog's behavioural problems. 

I'm proud to say that I've never met a dog I couldn't help. Whether you're simply introducing a new dog to your home, or need a dog trainer who specializes in tough cases like dog aggression, separation anxiety and other dog behavioural problems, click here to take your first step towards positive change for you and your dog, or fill out the form below!

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